Ground Search

As it sounds many of the tasks are made up of teams of searchers that perform different methods of ground searching. Some of the different methods are Hasty Searches, Grid Searches, and they provide support for Canine Teams that are in the field. All team members, regardless of a canine or mounted specialty, receive extensive training in the incident command system, CPR, first aid, map and compass, navigation, GPS technology, search tactics, clue awareness, and crime scene preservation. All team members are certified as Field Team Members (FTM), at a minimum, and have or are working towards Field Team Leaders (FTL) through several different testing agencies. Some of the agencies that we receive training/certification from are:

National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR)

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation of Natural Resources (DCNR)

Hasty Teams – Usually two to four immediately available and very mobile searchers, should be skilled enough to follow clues if discovered, usually used early in the search but may be used anytime, often used to investigate the area around a discovered clue.

Grid Search Teams – Goal: A very thorough, high coverage search of a particular segment. Crews are made up of 3-7 searchers; it is a slow highly systematic area search. Overlapping of search lanes is encouraged, uses searchers on a line, at close proximity, often used to look for specific clues or evidence.